Friday, June 27, 2008

Doctor Who: Turn Left

Tense, unexpected, and full of Donna.


Also great: those glimpses of tentacles or something reaching over her back (It's a pity they then had to show us the giant beetle later) and the truly creepy "fortune teller."

Alternate 'what-if's' are always interesting, and after the Eccleston era's "It's all my fault" bits, it's good to see a "Yeah, but look what would happen if the Doctor didn't intervene" show.

But what's this about paradoxes abounding around Donna? Have we seen that? Have we seen any indication of it, even? Any hints that, looking back, will make us all go "Ah! So that was what all that was about." I'll reserve final judgment on this bit until season is over, but right now it seems completely faked; we're supposed to buy that it has happened because the writer says it has. That is downright annoying.

And what does the Doctor mean when he says she's making a hobby of parallel universes? I don't remember any parallel universes in the Library, just a crazy computer's simulation, one thousands of people ended up in. Why is he making a fuss over meeting her twice? He always goes to trouble spots and she was looking for him. It doesn't seem that unlikely. Ok, so he also met her grandfather twice--does that mean there is something special about him too?

And will the rest of the season live up to this episode? Will it actually answer the questions? Will it make sense? Will it manage to do so without a deus ex machina? Will they actually be able to pull off the "coincident-prone" Donna idea? Will Donna survive?

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