Monday, June 2, 2008

Doctor Who: Silence in the Library

This was a lovely, creepy, unexpected episode with lots of odd, interesting, unexplained bits

I hope the second part can live up to it.

I'm worried about Donna. I don't think she's dead yet, but I'm afraid we'll be losing her(2), and I don't like that. She's a vastly better companion than Martha, and even better than Rose-and-Jackie, whom I loved(1)

I do think they slipped a bit at the end, though. Dark, formless shadows are seriously creepy; as the Doctor says, the monsters are not in "every shadow, but any shadow." Then, right at the end and for no particular reason, the shadow-things possess a skeleton-in-a-spacesuit, so suddenly, instead of running from "any shadow" the heroes are running from--a shambling skeleton with a glowing jaw. A lot of creepy-show makers do this: They go one step too far, tipping over from creepy to ridiculous, or at least into "meh."

Still and all, I enjoyed the show & I'm looking forward to the next part.

1.Rose is coming back. Is Jackie coming too?

2. And it almost has to be death. I mean, if Rose can be locked away in another universe and somehow make it back, then they can't have Donna disappear with any sort of similar drama unless they kill her--They've put her in a position where they have to up the ante. Of course, it's always possible that she'll simply choose to stay somewhere in the past or future caring for some batch or another of helpless aliens with the Doctor dropping by at odd moments, but that isn't the general trend of the show so far.

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  1. See, I feel the same way -- they almost HAVE to Donna off, for just the reasons you've mentioned. Also, to up the ante, this season is Russell T. Davies' last, and he'll want to go out with a bang (and a better bang, hopefully, than the immensely dissapointing Deus Ex Machina of the last 20 minutes of Season 3).

    Myself, I've loved Donna since "Pockets? Who has pockets in a wedding gown???" from The Runaway Bride.