Monday, May 26, 2008

Lurking in the Library

Among other places.

See, our landlords decided that the plumbing in the house should be redone now, rather than later when it eventually decided to break somewhere (This is not paranoia--many of the houses up and down the street have had pipes burst at unpleasant times (Come to think of it, there are no pleasant times for a pipe to burst)). So, we've had a house full of plumbers and varying amounts and temperatures of water the last several days.

It's been noisy, dusty, and rather uncomfortable--one of those times when the long term gains will outweigh the short term discomfort but only after said discomfort is actually over.

Anyway, I've been spending as much time as possible Away. Walked around Laguna Beach taking pictures which was fun, and which I spent too little time at, visited the lovely Central Newport Beach Public Library and left with a pile of books, and spent some time at the also lovely but more familiar Central HB library, where I discovered that there is at least one turtle living in the large fountain outside.

Today, alas, all libraries are closed (Whose idea was that? What good is a holiday if you can't go to the library?), so I lurked at the mall instead.

I'm getting good at lurking.

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