Saturday, April 19, 2008

Roses! Oh, and other flowers too.

I'm completely and thoroughly tired, much too much so to write that long, elaborate, and extravagant post about gardening I was going to write (guess how I spent the day?). So, instead, I'm going to deluge you with photos of my beautiful babies.

I'm not even going to do anything fancy with formatting. You'll have to settle for pretty flowers, all in a row.

Pink and white rose. It's quite exciting watching them unfold. I only wish I remembered which kind they were. I'm sort of hoping that the person who planted them will remind me.

Someone asked me what a disgruntled bee looks like.

Well, I don't hang around to take pictures of them, but if you look closely here, you'll see a gruntled bee.

Nutmeg scented geranium.

Red Sweet Peas

Japanese Iris.


  1. The pink/red and white rose out front is call scenssational. Not sure if the spelling is correct, but the name is. They certainly are going crazy!

  2. Thanks.

    Odd, though, it is not one of our more strongly scented roses. Actually, the partly open flowers have almost no smell at all.

  3. The damasked roses always remind me of the Clarice Lispector story, "The Name of the Rose."