Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Babylon 5

Still watching Babylon 5. I admit, I've gotten hooked. They've pretty much stopped the whole "LOOK! HERE IS THE MORAL OF THE STORY!" stuff (I think the greatest sin an author can commit is not trusting the reader to get it), and they've developed a genuine sense of humor (Marcus helps a lot there). The story arc is just as intriguing as people said it would be.

My big fuss right now is the way the great Minbari-Human War got started. Oh, I love the idea of the mistake-that-starts-the war, and I love the way it was introduced, the parallels to King Arthur's final battle were brilliantly done.

But. The mistake itself is unbelievable. After all, this was not the Minbari's first contact with another species. They'd been out there for a long time with other races. You'd think that somewhere, sometime in the last thousand years (or so), someone would have told them "You know that thing you do with the gun ports? Don't."

I mean, really, open gun ports as a sign of honor? And no one before the humans had ever mistaken it for a threat? I don't think so.

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