Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mushrooms! Oh, and Photoshop Too

No...I won't be writing three posts every day. I am not sure I'll even make one every day.

However, I wanted to burble just a little bit about my class. When we started, the teacher said we would not be learning a lot about Photoshop as the focus was going to be on photography, something that suited me just fine.

And, really, the focus has been on the pictures, something which continues to suit me just fine. However, one person's definition of "a lot" differs from another's, and I think we are learning "a lot" about Photoshop. I'm finally starting to understand Layers, for example, and they are a whole lot of fun. One can, for example, take a perfectly ordinary picture of some mushrooms

mess with it a bit and make it black and white

and then--here's the really fun part--alter the layer's transparency to get something else again.

I knew before, kind of, how to get a black and white image out of a colored one, though only through desaturating,

but that third option.... That's just fun.

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